Cert IV in Building and Construction (Building)

Master Builders NT Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Building) Course

At Master Builders Association NT, we are focused on delivering the best training for Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) available in the industry and aim to produce competent graduates who graduate with a focus on quality. Part of our services to our members and the industry is to provide relevant training, including Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building).  We have been delivering this qualification since 2010, and it is a requirement of the Building Practitioners Board (BPB) for anyone wishing to obtain their Building Licence in the NT.   It is also a Nationally Recognised qualification, therefore able to be used in every State and Territory within Australia. Our focus is to foster the up-skilling and reskilling of young and experienced tradespeople in their move to become Licenced Builders, Building Site Supervisor, Building Consultant, etc. in the NT.


Why Obtain A Certificate IV In Building & Construction?

One of primary reasons to study Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) is to obtain a Builder’s Licence.  In the Northern Territory, the Building Practitioners Board assesses prospective Licenced Builders through a written application.

The three requirements for a Builder’s Licence Application include:

  1. Certificate IV in Building and Construction, or equivalent;
  2. $50,000 in Net-Tangible Assets; and,
  3. Three years practical building experience

For more information about becoming a Licenced Builder in the NT and obtaining an  application, please contact the Building Practitioners Board on Phone: 08 8936 4082, Fax: 08 8999 8967 or Email: bpb@nt.gov.au .  Their website can be found at www.bpb.nt.gov.au.



Charles Darwin University (CDU) is our Registered Training Organisation (RTO).  Their provider number is 0373.  We are very pleased to be working with CDU to deliver our course, and other training.


In-class training and RPL Assessments are conducted at the Master Builders Association Training Rooms, located at the Terminal One Building, 11/396 Stuart Hwy, Winnellie NT 0820.


Timeframe, Timetable & Calendar

We hold two courses a year, commencing in February and August. The courses run for 3 to 4 months, during this time there are 17 contact days which are separated into 5 blocks of training. Please see below for the breakdown of specific dates:

BLOCK 1 – Plans, Surveying, Contracts & Management

Duration:  4 Days

BLOCK 2 – Manage Occupational Health & Safety in the Building & Construction Workplace

Duration:  2 Days

BLOCK 3 – Manage Small Business Finances

Duration:  2 Days

BLOCK 4 – Builders’ Quantities & Estimating

Duration:  3 Days

BLOCK 5 – Structures & Materials Handling

Duration:  6 Days*

* Block 5 is split into two 3 day training sessions.

See our Course Calendar and Course Timetable for our latest course. If you undertake this course, you must attend every day of training unless you have already been assessed for the units of competency through a Recognition of Prior Learning Assessment.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessments

Recognition of Prior Learning Assessments are designed to assess your skills and experiences against the qualification CPC40110 – Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building).


If you choose to undertake a RPL Assessment you will be required to complete a RPL Participation Kit and provide evidence of your previous qualifications and experiences through written references and supporting documentation, i.e. academic transcripts, etc. You can use the RPL Guide to assist you in collecting the evidence you need for the Assessment. You need to provide as much evidence as you can to support your application.  This includes one or two work referees who can your skills and experience in the building and construction industry.

The Assessment itself is a face to face interview conducted at our office with our Chief Assessor. Our Chief Assessor will look over your evidence and will go through a series of questions with you relating to each unit of competency that makes up our Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) course.  You will be required to answer high level building and construction industry related questions to identify your current skills. From the evidence and responses you provide, our Chief Assessor will deem you either “competent” or “not yet competent” per unit of competency, therefore it is a good idea to come prepared. You will be advised if you have obtained the full qualification during the Assessment.  If there are any units of competency you are deemed as “not yet competent”, you will have to attend the in-class training and complete the relevant assessments to obtain your full qualification.  Any decisions made will be signed off on by both yourself and our Chief Assessor, and once agreed upon will be final.

If you are interested in being assessed for RPL, please contact our Certificate IV Manager for a RPL Guide and the RPL Participant Kit (see Contact Us below for details).


RPL Only Assessments

If you feel you have all the relevant skills and experiences to qualify for a Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) or have partially completed this qualification in the past, you can apply for an RPL Only Assessment. RPL Only Assessments cost $1500.00.  There is no funding for RPL only Assessments. If there are any units of competency you are deemed “not yet competent”, you will need to pay the total fee to each unit you are required to complete and attend the in-class lectures for those units in order to be assessed for the full competency in Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building).  Please see this table for a breakdown of the individual unit costs.



This course has been specifically designed for those individuals operating within the building & construction industry who can demonstrate extensive and relevant experience including management and supervisory skills. As a guideline, this course is well-suited to individuals who have had a least 6 years relevant experience in the industry, though exceptions have and can be made depending on the individual’s experience.


Cost & Funding

The total cost of the course is $7500.00 (without Australian or NT Government Funding).  The Department of Business of the NT Government fund 25 places per course. Typically, funding of up to $4500.00 is available to eligible participants. Presently, to be eligible for one of the funded places in the Certificate IV course, you must meet the following criteria:


  • You must be a resident of the Northern Territory who is either an Australian or New Zealand Citizens who has resided in Australia for the last six months or is a person with a Permanent Residency visa.
  • You must not have received Government (Australian or Territory) funding for this type of qualification in the past.
  • You must become a Certificate IV Student Member of Master Builders Association NT.
  • You must have a current form of photographic identification, i.e. a NT Driver’s Licence, NT Proof of Age Card, Passport, etc.


If you are able to secure a place in the funded course, the cost of the course is reduced to $3000.00 plus Certificate IV Student Membership fees of $350.00 per annum.  Complete the MBANT Certificate IV Student Membership form to become a Student Member for our next course.

If you are being assessed for RPL Only, a different fee structure applies.  Please see this table for a breakdown of the individual unit costs.


Course Information Booklet


For more detailed information, please see our Course Information Booklet.


Expressions of Interest

To put your name down for our next course, please completed the MBANT Expression of Interest form and send it back to our Certificate IV Manager via email (admin@mbant.com.au) or fax (08 8922 9666). Additional forms will be sent to you to enrol in the course – you must complete these forms and pay the full course and Certificate IV Student Membership fees to be officially enroled in the course. Funded places on the course are strictly limited, so please ensure you put your name down early in order to secure you place.

Please see the training calendar for the current course schedule.

For more details please email the Certificate IV Manager, Katherine katherine@mbant.com.au ||  phone 08 8922 9666.