Master Builders’ electronic documents and online core services – eDocs System is here. Offering the Residential Building Contract and supporting documents to make managing your contracts easier.

What you’ll get from eDocs

eDocs offers fast navigation, responsive features and calculations, along with automated saving.

You can save up to 20 templates for quick document set-up, whilst also having access to the copy function on any other document to save you time.

Access the system through your own individual login. Request access for yourself and others in your business using the contact details below.

Start using it today

Accessing eDocs is available exclusively to Master Builders’ members, plus signing up is quick and easy, simply contact Master Builders to arrange your individual login.

We’ve created a series of helpful videos that guide you through all the steps you’ll need to know so you can get started quickly and make the best use of the system.

If you have any questions about using Master Builders eDocs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Already have a login for eDocs? Click here to get started.