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C.A.M.S Is a Commonwealth Government funded project which aims at promoting the Building and Construction industry, along with other trade related organizations that have the capacity to take on Trade and non-trade related Apprenticeships / Traineeships to school leavers and adults that are looking at entering a trade field of their choice, or wishing a career change.

Master Builders Association will be your contact point regarding the sourcing of advice and information for you to become an apprentice. From School leavers to adults looking at taking up an apprenticeship or Traineeship in a trade related field, the Apprenticeship Engagement Officer will assist you with your enquiries and direct you onto the correct path on, who to contact, Organizations that provide training, employment terms re apprentices, mentoring of apprentices, work place conflicts, apprenticeship award structures.

Apprenticeships Are paid on the job training supervised by a trade professional, which involve practical work with structured training, which may be on or off the job. After your training is completed, which normally involves a commitment by you for a period of three to four years, (This varies from trade to trade depending on qualifications required by that trade), and you will receive a qualification as a tradesperson within your selected trade. Apprenticeships are available in many trade occupations.

How do I find an apprenticeship?

Apprentices either work for a Group Training Organisation such as Group Training NT, or directly for a construction company. Web: A GTO (often run by an industry association such as Master Builders) employs a number of apprentices who are then placed with individual employers on a short or long term basis. As most apprenticeships are not advertised, you should be prepared to approach GTOs and construction firms directly about possible openings.

Where do I go for more information?

The Apprenticeship Engagement Officer can provide a range of advice on apprenticeship issues. Contact:

Master builders Association NT  email on
The Australian Apprenticeship Centres are funded by the Commonwealth to provide apprenticeship sign-up and support services. To find a Centre in your area, see
G.T.N.T Group Training NT Contact details for most GTOs can be found on the Group Training Australia website:
It is important to select a suitable trade that is within your interest and capabilities. It has to be well suited to your aptitudes and interests and is one of the keys to a successful apprenticeship and CAREER PATH.

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