Legal Advice / Contractual Support

Master Builders provides access to a full range of commercial and domestic construction contract documents available for sale to the public and members (at a discounted rate), some of which are listed below:

  • MBANT Residential Contract (MBANT 1)
  • MBANT Project Management Contract (MBANT2)
  • Commercial Building Contract (BC3)
  • Cost Plus Contract – Residential
  • Cost Plus Contract – Commercial
  • Construction Management Contract + use guide (CM2)
  • Trade Contract (TC)
  • Short Form Residential Building Contract
  • Decon 2 – Design & Construct
  • Decon 2 – Sub contract
  • Decon 2 – User guide
  • Standard Trade Contract

Australian Building Industry Contracts (ABIC)

  • BW1 Head Contract
  • BW1 Sub Contract
  • BW1 Sub Contract Practice Note
  • SW1 Head Contract
  • SW1 Sub Contract
  • SW1 Sub Contract Practice Note
  • MW1 Head Contract
  • MW1 Practice Note
  • MW1 Sub Contract
  • MW1 Sub Contract Practice Note
  • Residential  – Minor Works
  • Residential – Small Renovations & Additions

Click here for Contract User Guide

Master Builders can also assist members in:

  • Selection, completion and interpretation of contracts
  • Use of Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia
  • Dispute resolution through mediation and arbitration
  • Interpretation of legislation and regulations